Spend an incredible eight weeks living in Jerusalem’s historic Old City, learning Hebrew, volunteering and building your career. You’ll have an authentic Israel experience, living like a local. With trips, classes/workshops on timely Jewish topics and amazing internship positions, you’ll get way more than you ever imagined. Visit site. Upcoming dates: June 18 – August 10 2017.


On Way More Israel’s 5-month Masa program you’ll spend one month living in Jerusalem’s Old City and developing your Hebrew skills. You’ll discover the meaning and significance of heritage and history through tours, workshops, hands-on learning, group volunteer projects and cultural activities. The next three months where you’ll be interning or volunteering in your chosen field. For the final month, you’ll travel to a kibbutz where you will continue to learn Hebrew, and pick up some organic farming techniques. Visit site. Upcoming dates: September 3 – January 31 2017.


Check out MOREIsrael – the one week program after Birthright where you can live in Jerusalem, explore your Jewish heritage and volunteer!

Some of the HH guests on a day-trip.

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Extreme Dance Workout


Challa Baking


Find out about the many volunteer opportunities you can do!

Join us for a fantastic Chanukah program:

Motzei Shabbat Dec 24 – 5:30 PM Candle Lighting with Singing and Musical Accompaniment
Sunday Dec 25 – 6:00 PM Donut Making and Decorating
Monday Dec 26 – 7:30 PM Chanuka Party at the Borensons
Tuesday Dec 27 – 6:30 PM Dreidl/Sivivon Making and Playing
Wednesday Dec 28 – 8:30 PM Menorah Making
Thursday Dec 29 – 7:30 PM Special Chanuka-style Challa bake
Friday Dec 30 – Sat Dec 31 Shabbat – book now before we fill up!
Saturday Dec 31 – 7:30 PM See all the lights as we walk around the Rova