I met Meir Schuster in a roundabout sort of way – through a high school classmate of mine who knew an Aish HaTorah student who had been brought to the yeshiva by Reb Meir. From the time I was introduced to Reb Meir, in March of 1980, he watched out for me. I stayed at Aish for three months and then had to go back to the States for what was supposed to be one month. I know Reb Meir davened that I should return to Aish and, baruch Hashem, I did.

I have been with Aish for 31 years now. Reb Meir and I remained friends and associates and I’ve spent numerous Shabbosos at the Schuster home. I’ve seen Reb Meir withstand many challenges and changing times but he has never lost the slightest focus from his mission. Reb Meir has always been – and continues to be – a big source of inspiration for me and I love the man.