We were honored to be one of those families that hosted the young people that Meir Schuster picked up “off the wall” (as we fondly referred to them). Sometimes the call came on a Wednesday and sometimes even on a Friday, if I recall correctly. I will never forget the quiet, unassuming voice on the other end of the line asking (almost meekly) if we could take 2 guys (or two girls). My parents, Irving z”l and Helen Maisel always had a special place in their hearts for Meir Schuster and they hosted many, many men and women who were searching (or not) for their roots. As a result, many ba’alei teshuva came to be and even some shidduchim! My family is/was proud to be a part of this and have much appreciation for the work that Meir Schuster did tirelessly for so many years. It is really thanks to Rabbi Schuster that we merited to become such an integral part of the ba’al teshuva movement! I was so saddened to hear that he is not well and wish him a refuah shlema and much kochos to his special family!!