Since 1985 The Rabbi Meir Schuster Heritage House, thanks to generous donors like you, has inspired tens of thousands of individuals helping them to discover Judaism and forge a personal and real relationship with the land of Israel and the Jewish people.

In 2015, we opened ‘Way More Israel’ a professional internship program where we set up young aspiring Jews with top internships in Jerusalem in the field of their choice. In addition to staying in the Old City, they get to explore the depth, wisdom, and relevance of Judaism.

Join us and become a partner in making this next Way More Israel happen. Shape a vibrant Jewish future of knowledgeable, passionate, and proud Jews.

See sponsorship opportunities below to help us reach our goal of $54,000

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Way More Israel Student

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A Month of Challa Bakes

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Way More Israel Activity

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Hostel Holiday Event

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Way More Israel Class

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“I love the program I went on, it changed my life forever”– Madison Irvin, WMI summer 2017

“I had a lovely time at the Heritage house! Everyone was so hospitable and nice! Thank you!” – Janna Berenson, HH guest

“Way more Israel helps you appreciate your Jewish identity and Israel more, while creating amazing memories along the way. This was truly an amazing summer that I’ll never forget.”– Shayna Perlman, WMI Summer 2019

“During these five months, I feel that I grew as a person tremendously. I had an in-depth exposure to Judaism in the Holy Land, in which I learned a great deal and that is in big part down to the wonderful madrichim and madrichot on the program as well as the program coordinators”– Sam Behrens, WMI Spring 2019

“Loved the warm hospitality~~~ appreciated everything and grateful that I could be here with open heart and meet like minded sisters. todah! “– Rachelle Lansky, HH guest

“I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to stay in the Old City, especially at the heritage house. Everyone had been so lovely, and i have had one of the most amazing shabbat experiences ever! Thank you so much!”– Leoni Steinberg, HH guest

“It was such a great experience staying at HH! All the staff was extremely helpful and friendly. It was the perfect transition from birthright to studying at Neve!”– Taylor Seery, HH Guest

“Great welcoming environment with warm Madrichot who are eager to share their wealth of Jewish knowledge.”– Alex Perrin, HH guest

“I love Heritage House. It will always have a special place in my heart. Wonderful, warm environment. Wonderful madrichot. I look forward to staying here with my daughters in the future!”– Shelley Ducker, HH guest

“Being in Israel and experiencing the sense of community, and care for others is something I will bring back with me to Canada.– Maya Lekster, WMI Spring 2019

“The program at Way More is an enriching experience. The program gives participants a chance to not only experience Isreal as a tourist but gives them a chance to see what life living is Jerusalem is like.”– Kyle Shafer, WMI spring 2019

“The option to explore my religion to which there has been a lot of time for lots of questions to ask and lessons to learn, meeting new friends and creating a family which I love.” – Jessica Stern, WMi spring 2019

“I would definitely recommend this program to any interested Jewish youth”– Ben Klass, Spring 2019

“We have only known each other for 2 weeks, but seems like we have known each other for ages. So many memories together!”– Estella Gabay, Spring 2019

“It was a pleasure staying at the Heritage House… incredible people and amazing experiences”– Estrella Betec, HH guest

“Every single person on the program went out of their way to talk to me and make me feel as if I have been here for weeks when I was only here for a day.”– Courtney Hirsch, Summer 2018

“This place is awesome; instantly welcoming and homey”– Allison Morse, HH guest

“It’s so good to spend shabbat here, I met very nice girls and the staff is really amazing. Thanks to Heritage House I have a home in Jerusalem, just a few minutes from Kotel, what more can I ask …”– Zuzana Volava, HH Guest

“It was so wonderful to stay here! Nice people, wonderful vibes, filled with the smell of challah and with the sound of laughter…such a nice place for a travelling Jewish woman!”– Alix Wertheimer, HH guest

“It was my second time in the hostel. I enjoyed staying in the hostel, I had interesting conversations with others and some nice experiences with the girls. I really liked Friday night’s singing and dancing in the kotel.“– Eva Major, HH guest

“Thank you so much for helping me in a clinch! It meant a lot to have Shabbat in the Old City during my trip, and having an amazing group of women to share it with made it that much better! This was a tremendous place to stay for the night and I was truly supported in keeping this Shabbat in its entirety! Thank you!!”– Amanda Jackson, Hh guest

“This has been a return visit. What draws me back each year is the warmth of the people, the openness to questions, the liveliness of discussions and the love that permeates this house from top to bottom.”– Linda Feldman, hh guest