I was trying to visit my friend Shalom Schwartz (see story) with whom I had gone to High School. I had Shalom’s address but  no number. I was on a trip to Bethlehem with a group from my kibbutz. As I walked through the small alleys of the Old City I asked every Chasid I saw if they knew where Aish HaTorah was. They all shook their heads “no”! It was Dec 24,1974. Aish had just opened its doors in August. So I made one more attempt… I was at the Kotel and I thought “If nobody knows Aish here, that’s it – back to my kibbutz!” As I asked the Chasid at the Kotel he thought then nodded..Yes ..Aish HaTorah…”Meir!”, he shouted. Rabbi Schuster turned to me and looked like he had just seen a ghost! I guess he was always looking for people but wasn’t used to people looking for him! I was invited into the office of Rabbi Noach Weinberg z”l and stayed and met my friend Shalom. By Purim, I brought all my stuff from the kibbutz for my extended stay at Aish. Rabbi Schuster saw my interest in helping out and one summer (1977) I helped him bring young people from the wall to yeshivas. I was a guest at his house many times and have many memorable stories of taking him around Toronto. He is a true tzadik who we must emulate.