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  1. Aviv Roskes says:

    Cool people, very friendly

  2. Jenny Zuhl says:

    Everything was really amazing, and the madrichot are the sweetest people on the planet!

  3. Regina Haldorsen says:

    Heritage House is amazing, the girls here are the sweetest.

  4. patricia zalmon says:

    Thank you for being so inclusive and kind, I look forward to coming back πŸ™‚

  5. Amanda Rosen says:

    Very warm and welcoming group of people. I really appreciate my short stay here.

  6. Rebecca Gilbert says:

    The madrichot are amazing! I loved getting to know all of them

  7. Riana Isenberg says:

    I love heritage house musical havdalahs!!!!

  8. Ivy DeLoreto says:

    What an amazing, meaningful and safe way for young women to explore Israel and Judaism.

  9. Salome Maarek says:

    It was really interesting and there is a lot of happiness

  10. Avigail Nasierowska says:

    thank u so much really enjoyed being here and great shabbat time with all girls they were lovely madrichot and guests

  11. Jessica Stern says:

    Love it here

  12. Yuliya Pcholkina says:

    I really enjoyed Shabbat in Heritage house. Amazing atmosphere and madrichot. Thank you

  13. Batsheva Friedenberg says:

    Loved being here as always. Batya and Nechama always help me in so many ways and truly make me feel at home.

  14. Eden Harell says:

    loves the Heritage House

  15. Natalia Yurrita says:

    I absolutely love the Heritage House. I ended up staying longer than I thought I would be staying and this beautiful place became my home. Its the best place to stay if you want to reconnect to G-d, to Judaism and yourself. I met amazing people who helped me a lot since I came here, I have a lot of friends from all around the from the world. best place ever!!!!

  16. Lee Setty says:

    Loved staying here!! Such a gem and everyone is so nice, thank you so much πŸ™‚

  17. Hannah Hurowitz says:

    My stay was amazing. I will definitely be back. The madrichot are friendly and very accommodating .

  18. Rebecca Poscover says:

    Everyone was wonderful at the hostel! It was a great stay!

  19. Keren Rousso says:

    Beautiful energy here at the hostel!

  20. Hannah Hurowitz says:

    Nechama was such an AMAZING madricha! everything we needed she provided us with. definitely would love to come back

  21. Jessica Newirth says:

    I loved my stay here!

  22. Naomi Brill says:

    Everything was wonderful

  23. Sammi Gollub says:

    I love you guys πŸ™‚

  24. molly berenbaum says:

    It was so lovely!! 10/10, would recommend.

  25. Sacha Sampson says:

    really enjoyed, madrichot were really friendly and helpful

  26. Nadine Alford says:

    I really enjoyed my stay at Heritage House. The madrichot and guests were very welcoming.

  27. Minki Pearlman says:

    the madrichot were amazing

  28. Gabriella Edery says:

    very nice, the madrichot are very approachable and nice. They get to know everyone on a personal basis. very enjoyable shabbat.

  29. eszter szilvasi says:

    Thank you very much for your kind hospitality, I loved to stay here.

  30. Chava Wolin says:

    Heritage House is a wonderful culture and community. Thank you so much providing such an amazing space! <3

  31. Rachel Weber says:

    Everything was wonderful, whole experience was lovely!

  32. Alaine Saks says:

    I was pleasantly surprised with the hospitality of the madrichot, and the beds, it was a less crammed space than what I originally expected

  33. Jessica Shwartz says:

    πŸ™‚ The Madrichot were super sweet!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  34. Nicole Halperin says:

    Great environment with great people.

  35. Merel Gootjes says:

    I loved it. Very open and warm vibe.

  36. Adeenah Malka Cohen says:

    You guys are great! just keep it up πŸ™‚

  37. Lior Simha says:

    As always amazing time, may it be guests or madrichot everyine is there for each other. Thank you HH

  38. isabella alvarenga says:

    It was so homey

  39. Lisa Chaplais says:

    super positive and comfortable place

  40. julie thibault says:

    Great vibes

  41. Jessica Shwartz says:


  42. Ivy Lindelo says:

    Love this Hostel!

  43. Heather Simms says:

    Thanks for being so hospitable.

  44. Lynette says:

    Everything was great, madrichot are super friendly, the beds, bathroom, and room are clean, which is a plus

  45. Lynelle says:

    Thanks I am a mother and very busy! This helped me alot!

  46. admin says:

    The staff were helpful and made it feel like a home.
    Suzanne Kaveri – Brisbane, Australia

  47. admin says:

    Can’t wait to come back!! thank you for everything!!!
    Tami Yaron, Los Vegas NV

  48. admin says:

    I absolutely love the Heritage house! This is the second time I’ve stayed here and the people here are amazing and have huge open hearts. They are willing to do anything to help and provide every girl that comes with all the attention and love that she needs. I love you guys so much and will come back again!
    Inna Rudneva, Nine Mile Falls WA

  49. admin says:

    My name is Andrea Ricco, and I’m from Brazil. For me Heritage House is not simply a hostel; it is truly a home for whoever is passing on a deep Jewish journey through the Holy Land. I can say that it’s my family.

    Heritage House was my beginning; my first Shabbat in Jerusalem, and one of the first Shabbats in my life. I learned about the meaning of the third meal and the weekly Parsha. It was unbelievably deep, and so sweet.

    Heritage House makes you feel welcome. The incredible environment puts you in touch with the most amazing way to live Judaism. Shabbat meals with families are the high point, and will change you forever.

    I loved the opportunity to debate deep points with the Rabbis. Baking Challah together was great, bringing with it feelings of profound peace. Sitting around and talking after wonderful Shabbat dinners was the sweetest of sweets.

    I love HH so much and it totally changed my way of life, toward a Jewish reality. I met people from all around the world, and it was the most meaningful experience I ever had.

    I miss Israel, and all the friends that I made during my time there…but I will be back soon to see you all!

  50. admin says:

    Amazing plase thanks for letting me stay!
    Sasha Sweeten, Ashdod

  51. Kavita Huizing, Amsterdam says:

    The Heritage House is not just a hostel, it literally is your home away from home. I met wonderful people, was able to learn at different midrasha’s and could ask all the questions I wanted. The madrichot were extremely helpful and made sure we had a very nice Shabbat as well. I will definitely stay here again when I return to Israel.

  52. admin says:

    It was such a lovely experience. All the staff are incredible people with such insight, wisdom, and hospitality. I will definitely be returning when I come back to Israel. This program is incredible. I was able to spend a day learning at multiple Jewish institutions, meet amazing wonderful people, and have access to all three Shabbat meals.
    Elanna Crook, Baltimore MD

  53. admin says:

    I had an amazing stay at the Heritage House. The madrichot were super nice and really helpful. I’ll definitely come back!!
    Jael Niesink, Utrecht

  54. admin says:

    Super nice stay, loved meeting everyone at the hostel and my Shabbat meals were lovely!
    Lane Sheldon, Vail CO

  55. admin says:

    I loved meeting the girls here, and the schedule for Shavuot was terrific and well organized!
    Keren Radbil

  56. admin says:

    Absolutely loved staying at Heritage House! Everyone was welcoming, understanding, open, and conversational. Thoroughly enjoyed my stay and want to come back next time I am in Israel!
    Olivia Goldman

  57. admin says:

    It was an amazing experience. I felt right at home. Thank you so much. I will be back.

    Sarah Platt, The Woodlands

  58. admin says:

    Staff was super friendly! Great accommodations πŸ™‚
    Brett Gerstein Carmel, IN

  59. admin says:

    Everyone was very welcoming. Thank you for having us!
    Eden Fried, Buffalo NY

  60. admin says:

    So homey and welcoming!

    Alicia Glick, Syosset

  61. admin says:

    I enjoyed my stay a lot and will definitely come back!

    Sarah Langerman, San Jose CA

  62. admin says:

    The best and friendly staff/madrichot, very accommodating and great overall.
    Emma Levich, Chicago IL

  63. admin says:

    Beautiful and warm place!

    Sarah Zolty, Atlanta GA

  64. admin says:

    Thank you so much for your hospitality, and taking us in. I had a very meaningful Shabbat in Jerusalem with the Heritage House, and all of the lovely people I have met here. I can’t thank you enough!

    Chelsea Goldstein, Frederick MD

  65. admin says:

    Heritage House has been one of the biggest blessings for me while staying in Israel. They really took me in and made me not only feel like family, but they also helped me fall in love with my Jewish heritage even more. The Weisberg family and HH staff will forever be held close to my heart and I will cherish every memory spent here, forever.

    Jacquelyn Sponseller-Korsich, San Diego CA

  66. admin says:

    Thank you for hosting me! I will definitely return.

    Limor Damri, Beersheva IL

  67. admin says:


    Molly Snyder Pittsburgh, PA

  68. admin says:

    The HH continues to be my home in Jerusalem. There’s nowhere like it!

    Rebecca O’Kerns, Newton MA

  69. admin says:

    Thank You! Everything was great.

    Daniela Berk, East Brunswick NJ

  70. admin says:

    It’s so good to spend Shabbat here, I met very nice girls and the staff is really amazing. Thanks to Heritage House I have kind of home in Jerusalem, just a few minutes from the Kotel, what more can I ask?…

    Zuzana Volava, FSU

  71. admin says:

    The best women! … truly what beauty in this world is all about! Thank you all for being my home away from home. I carry you on with me always

    Shauna Kuhn, San Clemente CA

  72. admin says:

    I love the community feeling of the hostel, I felt very welcomed and at home. I also enjoyed the availability of classes to go to (the workouts at the gym and the Torah learnings).
    Jenny Tarnoff
    Chicago, IL

  73. admin says:

    I had such an uplifting and positive Shabbat here, I felt renewed and refreshed after my weekend here. I felt a re-connection to my Jewish Community and religion. I feel more confident as a Jewish woman after my stay here. Thank You so much for all you do and I know I will be back very soon.

    Deena Martin, Central Michigan

  74. admin says:

    Everyone at the Heritage House is amazing. i only slept one night but it was super comfortable and cozy!

    Patricia Gordon
    Holbrook, NY

  75. admin says:

    Thank you for being so welcoming! The place was clean and had everything we needed for a comfortable night. Very helpful that you provide pillowcases and towels.

    Elizabeth Kerstein
    Los Angeles, CA

  76. admin says:

    Everything and everyone was amazing and so warm.
    Shareena Griscom
    Marmora NJ

  77. admin says:

    Thank you for this welcoming place.
    Rachel Kaufmann
    Newton, MA

  78. admin says:

    This place is awesome. Instantly welcoming and homey.
    Allison Morse
    Cleveland, Ohio

  79. admin says:

    Wonderful people and atmosphere; I feel at home!
    Yael Scolnick
    Newton, MA

  80. admin says:

    I’m so happy for Herritage house, thank you for this place and service and amazing staff!
    Zuzana Volava
    Prague, Czech Republic Β·

  81. admin says:

    It was an incredible experience! Really enjoyed my stay!

    Sarit Sandler
    Jacksonville, FL

  82. admin says:

    It was a very positive experience. It was a welcoming community and I had fun making latkes for Chanukah, and being around other women. I would come back again.

    Rachelle Lansky

  83. admin says:

    Amazing amazing experience!!! Like being with a family. I loved it and will be back again!!

    Leora Cossens
    Melbourne, Australia

  84. admin says:

    I definitely want to come back.

    Melissa Shadling
    Wheeling, IL

  85. admin says:

    Thank you so much. I was able to have a beautiful shabbat, because I was able to stay at the Heritage House. Many things from this shabbat will stay with me. I’m feeling thoughtful and thankful!

    Ourit Benhaim, NY NY

  86. admin says:

    Thank you so much for the amazing stay! This is a great hostel and I highly recommend it!

    Gabrielle Macklin

  87. admin says:

    I’ll be back πŸ™‚

    Cynthia Fuller

  88. admin says:

    I had a great night at the heritage house, just wish i had stayed longer.

    Rebecca Litwin

  89. admin says:

    Thanks so much!!

    Haley Firkser

  90. admin says:

    I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to stay in the old city, especially at the heritage house. Everyone had been so lovely, and i have had one of the most amazing shabbat experiences ever! Thank you so much!

    Leoni Steinberg

  91. admin says:

    Great place, very friendly staff, would definitely recommend to a friend!

    Rachel Platt

  92. admin says:

    The families were so wonderful and I loved the meals there. The staff were also amazing and so friendly and good to talk to. I love the Heritage House!

    Nili Navot

  93. admin says:

    Thank you very much for everything. It felt like a real home to stay at in Jerusalem. It was nice to talk with all of the other girls staying here. Thank you as well for facilitating the process for me to visit Neve and attend classes for the day.

    Allie Comet

  94. admin says:

    The best experience I could have hoped for! THANK YOU!!!

    Elisa Joy Dekkers

  95. admin says:

    All the women in the house are welcoming and worked hard in making the hostel like a home. It was a new experience for me and defiantly something I won’t forget. Thank you for finding shabbat hosts for us and providing us with a bed and a closing (third) meal.

    Vicki Goldman

  96. admin says:

    Warm, friendly and spiritual experience. Thank you.

    Lori Bracco

  97. admin says:

    Warm, friendly and spiritual experience. Thank you.

    Danielle Bracco

  98. admin says:

    I really enjoyed my stay. I think you could adjust the time that we need to come back so we have more free time at night, so we can come back with no time limit. Other than that I had a really good time here, and appreciate the hospitality.

    jessica cohen

  99. admin says:

    Love coming here!

    Jodi Krutzel

  100. admin says:

    I had a great experience staying in the Heritage House, I would love to come back!

    Julia Giraldi

  101. admin says:


    Lenea Schwartz

  102. admin says:

    This place is very special. It truly felt like home…very warm and inviting. THANK YOU!

    Tanya Ulasovsky

  103. admin says:


    Brach Cachlon

  104. Tatiana Tuccio says:

    I am a student studying abroad in Jordan. I have a break and I would love to go back to Israel especially for Yom Kippur. Do you have any availability from Thursday Oct. 2nd – Saturday October 4th?

    Tatiana Tuccio

  105. Shterney says:

    My experience at the Heritage House is one I’ll never forget! The staff and Chaya are so sweet, always caring and kind – you’ll be in good hands!

  106. Natasha says:

    My experience at the Heritage House was something special and adventurous. I met new, really interesting people and I made good friends. I loved the spirit and the feeling of staying in the Old City. I felt at ease, and on an elevated spiritual level. I really loved the Heritage House!

  107. Olga says:

    It is a pleasure to write about my experience in Heritage House. It was just awesome!!! I will never forget the first time I got there. The madrichot were really helpful and friendly. I felt a part of a big and happy family. Their positive attitude and shining smile is a hallmark of the HH. Also my unique experience there was a real shabbos spent in the Old City of Jerusalem. And of course my recollections of hallah making I do keep and will always remember. I hope to visit this place again and offer my help in anything because madrichot and HH helped me a lot in the days of my masa project when I really needed a place and friends.

  108. Nadja says:

    The Heritage House was my home in Israel. It provided me with a safe environment with girls who became friends and madrichot who seemed to truly care about me-and still do! The house mother taught me so much (and still does!) I owe so much to the Heritage House. It’s so inexpensive and provides laundry and kitchen facilities. I look back at that time being in the Old City, having warm conversations and inspiring shabbat experiences-it really was a blessing. They should continue to prosper and help girls like me. I’m really so grateful.

  109. Jodi says:

    I love the Women’s Heritage House! Such a lovely place to stay. It’s truly like a home away from home. Staying in the Old City on Shabbat is always a magical experience thanks to Heritage House and the wonderful girls who run it. I feel a lot closer to my Jewish roots after spending time there.

  110. Ari says:

    I am so happy I had the courage to travel alone to Jerusalem and stay at the Heritage House that first Shabbat. I was, and still am, so overwhelmed with the open and comfortable atmosphere. Every time I go I meet the most incredible people who become both my friends and my teachers.

  111. Ashley says:

    The Heritage House had so much to teach me last summer. I learned I could cope being by myself and making new friends and establishing a new home in Israel, outside of my comfort zone. I thank every madricha for being my best friend and being there for me with wide open arms. Be back in June! πŸ™‚

  112. Jennifer says:

    The Women’s Heritage House was outstanding! I felt comfortable and safe while staying. It is in the heart of the Old City and is walking distance to the Western Wall. I would definitely recommend friends to stay at Heritage House. The directors are amazing and so caring. Heritage House has a warm and welcoming feeling.

  113. Samantha says:

    The Heritage House was an incredible experience for me. I know that as long as the Heritage House is here I have a home in Jerusalem.

  114. Rachel says:

    The Heritage House was an absolutely wonderful experience. Everyone there was so friendly and nice, and really helped me out to find great places to hangout in Jerusalem. For Jewish women, this is a must-be place if you want a warm and welcoming environment. I would recommend this place to any jewish woman who needs a place to stay in Jerusalem! And thanks again for the amazing experience!

  115. Sarah says:

    This is the best place for Jewish women to stay in Jerusalem!!! Right in the Jewish Quarter, walking distance to the Kotel, in the heart of Old Jerusalem! I had the best experience by staying there, got to know wonderful people and experienced a warm family-like environment away from home. I highly recommend all the Jewish women visiting Jerusalem to stay in the Heritage House!

  116. Rena says:

    Thank you for your hospitality in the Old City of Jerusalem. It was a safe place for me to stay.

  117. Robin Zaroovabeli says:

    WOW. I must say one the most memorable shabbats I had in Israel was the one I spent in the Heritage house. The hosts were so warm, the events were so lively, and in all it was an uplifting experience. I hope to come again soon, and even help be a part of it.


  118. Ashley Lauwereins says:

    Heritage House, thank you so much! Jerusalem is an important part of being Jewish, and the Heritage House provided a safe, comfortable welcoming environment for that. Walking into the Heritage House was like walking into my house at home. Chaya and the other women made me feel instantly at home.
    What a great resource for those wishing to explore Judaism and Jerusalem at the same time. I will never forget my positive experience with the Heritage House. Thank you!

  119. David says:

    Todah rabah for this wonderful hostel and the staff.
    Every time was for me the best place to stay at Jeruschalajim.
    G’d bless you all and Im happy,when Im coming back to you.
    btw: Forgive me for the written English,it isnt my mothertongue (its germen)

  120. Sonja from Australia says:

    Staying at the Heritage house was wonderful & inspirational.

    Stepping inside, meeting Chaya and the girls meant becoming aware of another dimension of my existance,

    totally new, but actually old, that reconnected me with my ancestors.

    Sleeping under the stars, in its backyard, in the heart of the Old City

    was something very special to experience.

    Every moment spent there I was discovering more about tradition, Judaism, myself.

    Jerusalem is my home, and it’s not a phrase only, thanks to the Heritage house,

    where I can always come knowing there’s a warm place to stay at and be with wonderful people.

    Thank you Chaya!!!

  121. Ruth Allen says:

    I stayed at the Heritage in December 2001. Risa and others were telling me to stay in Jerusalem longer (I left after about a little over a week for home) because I may not be back. They were right! I should have stayed. Well, hindsight is 20/20..I had the best experience in the Old City. The staff welcomed me and made me comfortable just like I was at home. It was a wonderful time. I’ll never forget my experience there.

  122. Rachel Covert says:

    Heritage House: You are wonderful, warm, fulfilling sanctuary for all who are passing through (or perhaps staying!) in the beautiful Old City. I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality and welcoming kindness during my stay with you. I have a warm spot in my heart heart for your wonderful home and I hope that I will be able to come again soon!

  123. Ellen Higgins says:

    Thank you, all, who extended such hospitality to me and my family during a Shabbat stay this past Spring. Your warmth was deeply felt.

  124. Leah M says:

    Thanks for being so welcoming and friendly! I had a great time staying with you.

  125. Talya says:

    My shabbos at the Heritage house was one of the best experiences I had in Israel and I’ll never forget it. The girls are so welcoming and friendly and create such a comfortable atmosphere. You get to meet knew people and experience a shabbos in the holiest place on earth, what more could you ask for. Thank you for being such an amazing place.

  126. Ella says:

    I had wonderful experiences each time I stayed at the Heritage House! The madrichot were so sweet and I really enjoyed spending time with them.

  127. Sophia Elias says:

    I really enjoyed my time at Heritage house. When I could not find one hostel to stay in during Sukkot they let me stay, gave me food, help/advice, and a warm bed and hot shower. The staff was friendly and very helpful. Also they taught me so much about Sukkot that I would not have known had I not stayed there. Later, when my parents came Ben Packer gave us a free tour of Jerusalem that was amazing. If there is one Jewish organization I will donate too, (when I am no longer a broke student volunteer), it will be to Heritage House! I applaud what they are doing! Thanks for helping so many students that are helping volunteer in Israel! Hands down, an excellent very well-run organization!

  128. Rebecca says:

    During my six months as a volunteer in Israel I spent many weekends at the Heritage House. Through the Heritage House I attended various religious services, Shabbat meals, shiurim, and social events. I met so many amazing people and grew to really look forward to my weekends/holidays at the Heritage House. I always had so many interesting conversations and really grew a lot as a person from my time there. Yasmin, Shira, and all the other madrichot – I miss you and I hope to be able to get back to Jerusalem soon for another stay at the Heritage House!

  129. Abi says:

    Heritage House is in a vital location and offers such an important service and opportunity to people who are living in or are visiting Israel. It goes beyond being a convenient hostel, but ensures that people who stay there have everything they need and the people are very friendly. It is comforting and amazing that there is always a place you can turn to when in need!

  130. Dorsa says:

    Every Shabbat at the heritage house was inspiring and truly a remarkable experience. To be in the old city, near the kotel and with amazing girls from around the world is a unique and unforgettable experience!

    Thank you!!

  131. Carla says:

    I had a wonderful time staying at the Heritage House in Jerusalem! I felt at “home” from the minute I walked in the door. Thanks to all who made it such a wonderful experience πŸ™‚

  132. Aviva Bienn says:

    The Heritage House was and is integral to my Israel experience. There are an unlimited amount of words to describe how awesome the Heritage House is. Relaxed, fun, cool, homey, and just a great place to be overall. It’s located in an opportune area in the Old City of Jerusalem, which one could explore for years without weary, but if the grandeur of the outside walls catches your fancy, the Heritage House is only walking distance from Mamila, downtown, and buses that can take you anywhere in the city. But the best of times that I spent there were sitting back on one of their cozy couches, coffee in hand, talking to good people, the madrichot, and of course, the house mother, Chaya! Heritage House, thanks for everything – you ROCK!

  133. Anna Footerman says:

    The heritage house was a very open and friendly environment. I loved all people, and the conversations I had there with the other guests and the madrichot were amazing. I was comfortable, and I was so happy to be spending my first shabbat of the entire year in the Old City. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting, whether they be a tourist or someone who merely needs sleeping space for shabbat. Thank you for all the hospitality!

  134. Serena B says:

    Heritage House is a wonderful place to stay in the Old City. Chaya is a genuinely warm and welcoming manager.
    The other staff at the House also made my stay memorable. It is a great place to meet other travellers. I stayed at the house during Pesach and the chance to visit families for holiday meals was very special.

    It is amazing that such a wonderful house exists for young Jewish people in the Old City.


  135. Ellen Higgins says:

    Thank you for your wonderful warmth and hospitality shown to my family in March 2011. We truly enjoyed our Shabbat stay. Thank you, as well, for setting up places for us to share meals with families on Friday night and Saturday.

  136. Riki Higgins says:

    Heritage House is hands down the best place to stay if you’re in the Old City for Shabbat. I spent the high holidays there and I cannot express how amazing it was! The madrichim/madrichot are all such incredible people and I always have the best time whenever I stay there.

  137. Rachel says:

    The Heritage House is an awesome place! Its great to know that there is always someplace Jewish you can go to during the week or Shabbat.

  138. Lisa W says:

    Any time I think of visiting Jerusalem, I know I have a place to stay. It’s a pleasure to stay at the Heritage House because you meet interesting people who can teach you something about Judaism, faith, and traditions – or they can point you in the right direction for whatever spiritual inquiries you may have. I felt so welcomed at both the Shabbat meals I was matched for – it is an experience I’ll never forget, and one that I hope to repeat! Thank you Heritage House!

  139. Ashira says:

    Heritage House, well what can I say… my experience was of a place where I could be with my experiences. A space which provided a certain security, a base from which to journey from. I never fathomed that it would become so close to my heart; this haven in the middle of the Old City.

    Thank you Heritage House!!

  140. Noam Zadaka says:

    I had an amazing time at the Heritage house. The people there were very welcoming and the whole atmosphere was very warm. Havdala after shabbat was very special with people coming together that were jewish from all different parts of the world to wish everyone a good week. I look forward to visiting again sometime when I am in the holy land. B’shalom,
    Noam Zadaka

  141. Emily Landau says:

    Many Thanks to the Heritage House. Over the course of my year in Israel, you have become a home for me. I never cease to have moving experiences and I always earn challenging lessons from them. The Heritage House madrichot are beautiful souls and Chaya Weisberg couldn’t be better suited to be the house “mother”. I cannot thank you enough.

    With ahavah,
    Emily – Liviyah Sarah

  142. Jennifer says:

    Being on a gap year in Israel can get hard sometimes. Heritage House truly provides an amazing and inspiring atmosphere that will always uplift anyone’s spirit! Thank you so much!!

  143. Esther Golub says:

    Go Heritage House!!! What an amazing place and what an amazing manager! Chaya Weisberg, you are the best! Thanks for making my stay there so wonderful!!!

  144. Miriam Hoffman says:

    There is so much to say about the Heritage House, and to sum it up in a paragraph just won’t do, but I will try. When I had no where to stay for my extra week in Israel, the Heritage house opened their doors for me and welcomed me with open arms and warm hearts. I felt an instant connection with the Madrichot or house counselors as well as Chaya the wonderful house mother; the fellow guests, the day I walked in. The comfy environment, and friendly atmosphere on top of the great living commodities (including internet) made me feel at home. The experiences I had staying at the Heritage house were the most inspiring encounters that have happened to me thus far. I woke up bright and early to attend the 9 AM Aish essential classes, and roamed around the hustling and blissful streets of the Old City. If it wasn’t for the Heritage house I would not have been able to fully grasp the pure essence of Judaism, and the Madrichot did just that. I stayed for a Shabbat at the Heritage House as well, and I had an unforgettable experience. We were set up for meals with different families who live in the Old City. The Shabbat was one of the most inspiring Shabbats I have ever had. From praying at the Kotel together, to experiencing an Israeli Shabbat, american-israeli Shabbat, and then a Heritage family Shabbat, where we made sushi and sang and drummed the Bongo’s. I know when I go back to Israel, I would stay at the Heritage for my heart lies in that warm haven of a house! πŸ™‚

  145. Anca Fekete says:

    Heritage House- you are an integral part in the picture of Jerusalem, and the picture becomes complete because of your existence. Chaya,thank you so much for the good mood, for the confidence and all the conversations, for the warm bed, hot coffe and safety. I stayed in the best place, met the best people,and had the privilege to spend a real Shabbat near the Kotel.

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