Chanan Kaufman’s Story

I met Meir Schuster in a roundabout sort of way – through a high school classmate of mine who knew an Aish HaTorah student who had been brought to the yeshiva […]

Herschel’s Story

Herschel seems to have been one of a fortunate few who had an ongoing mail correspondence with Rabbi Meir Schuster. What follows is a sampling of Reb Meir’s letters to […]

Rabbi Braverman’s Story

I was a philosophy major at Yale University. In 1978, I went to a kibbutz in Israel – not because I was Jewish (I had never even been bar mitzvahed) […]

Yosef’s Story

After graduating college with a degree in geological engineering, I moved to the bayous of Louisiana in 1981 to work on the oil rigs. No Jews. No holidays. No guilt. […]

Gedalia’s Story

I was trying to visit my friend Shalom Schwartz (see story) with whom I had gone to High School. I had Shalom’s address but  no number. I was on a […]

Esther Golub’s Story

The Heritage House has touched so many people’s lives and changed them for the better. For example, the girl who came to Israel on Birthright, having just found out she […]

Sharon and Shragi’s Story

Meir and Esther Schuster lived upstairs from us on Rechov Even HaEzel 11 when we first got married thirty-six years ago.  As newly married Americans we became close to a […]

Moishe Mendlowitz’ Story

Last week I received an email from the Chofetz Chaim Foundation, announcing the illness of Rav Meir Schuster and asking people across the globe to say Tehillim for his refuah […]

David Lenik’s Story

It was early 1983 and I was getting ready to leave for what I figured would be about a 6-month adventure in Europe.  The plan was to get to the […]

Shoshana’s Story

After all my travelling in my younger days I finally made it to Eretz Yisroel. I found myself on a kibbutz for some months and then I was looking to […]