Yaffa’s Story

It was the year 2000. I had started out on a Young Judea year course program but knew that I wanted more. My parents didn’t know what to do because […]

The Bertram’s Story

I was extremely moved when I recently read the article titled “Reb Meir Schuster: The Man at the Wall.” The article began by stating, “A debilitating illness is crushing Rabbi […]

Michael’s Story

Many years ago, I worked summers as an educator with groups of non-religious US teenagers. On their first day in Yerushalayim we took them to the Kotel and gave them […]

Yocheved’s Story

I’ve been reading all of these stories, so similar yet each one so unique. Mine begins in November 1975. I was Jessica Rochmis then, on a weekend trip to Jerusalem, […]

Dvorah-Leah’s Song

Sweet Suzy from Queens (to the tune of Sweet Betsey from Pike) Oh don’t you remember sweet Suzy from Queens The one on Kibbutz with the holes in her jeans […]

Suzanne’s Story

I worked with Rabbi Schuster day in, day out for 15 years. I started to work for Heritage House on November 15, 1992; during Rabbi Schuster’s fall trip to the […]

Jolie’s Story

I was in Israel for my junior year of college (1975-76).  I was in the summer ulpan at Haifa University (as were all the kids from California) and planned a […]

Reuven’s Story

I grew up with no knowledge about and no positive feelings for Judaism. In the autumn of 1981, after finishing college, I decided to travel through Europe. Winter caught me moving […]

Eli Glaser’s Story

A Glimpse Into His Greatness – by Eli Glaser You can actually daven maariv on motzei Shabbos before making Havdalah? This concept was an anathema to me – at least […]

Peretz Yaakov’s Story

My Rabbi Schuster story parallels the many others involving lost Jewish souls whom he found searching for their Jewish heritage while in Jerusalem. He is a special man who moves […]