Boruch and Sandy’s Story

You’ve seen those cartoons of men faced with crises of conscience who are pestered by little angels urging them to choose the good path. Of course, it doesn’t only happen […]

Sharon’s Story

I am what my husband, the “BT” (Ba’al Teshuvah – returnee to observant Judaism), calls a BTW (“Born That Way” – or, alternatively, a “Ba’alas Teshuvah Wannabe”). I first got […]

Josh Epstein’s Story

My name is Josh Epstein and I was the manager of the Heritage House for more than three years. The stories that I can tell from those years, in general […]

Shloshim for Reb Meir Schuster, Man at the Wall

Ever get the sinking feeling that your efforts don’t really matter?  Like you really can’t make a difference?   When feelings of futility hit, we can now watch the Shloshim […]