After all my travelling in my younger days I finally made it to Eretz Yisroel. I found myself on a kibbutz for some months and then I was looking to stay in Israel but to move on to something  else.  One friend suggested that I go to Yerushalayim on my day off to see what might be there for me. She mentioned a famous Jewish Hostel – Heritage House.

I took her suggestion and went to Yerushalayim.  Perhaps I had been to the Kosel before but if so, I didn’t remember it. On this day that I went to the Holy City I decided to go to the Wailing Wall. I don’t think I felt anything so special being there. When I was about  to leave, a man dressed in a black suit and hat approached me saying, “Would you like to learn about Judaism?”  I thought for a moment and  I decided I would.

Rabbi Meir Schuster immediately summoned a taxi and whisked me off to a far away place – a big building at the top of a hill. He led me in, then took his leave and disappeared. I sat in on a most amazing Torah lecture – it was riveting. I had never heard anything like that in my whole life. The place is called Neve Yerushalayim. Rabbi Meir Schuster changed my life in a way that nobody else could have done. I owe him so much.

I saw Rabbi Schuster a few years ago when visiting Eretz Yisroel – I was almost speechless. It was a most emotional experience. Who else but Rabbi Schuster would approach men and women (dressed in not the most tsnius way) in order to give them the greatest opportunity and gift of all?

Rabbi Meir Schuster – a humble man to whom so many owe so much. He is unforgettable. He is irreplaceable. May Hashem send him a refuah schleimah.