I arrived at Aish HaTorah in 1974, less than six months after they had opened their doors. After several months there, I spent my spare time with Reb Meir at the Kotel, bringing young men to meet Reb Noach. I feel blessed, honored, and humbled to know someone who many feel to be one of the 36 hidden tzadikim found in each generation who keep the world alive. I heard a story that Reb Meir received a p’sak from Rav Schach to forego fasting on T’isha B’Av and to cut short his davening on Yom Kippur in order to be able to hurry back to the Kotel to save Jewish neshamas.

Several years ago I was visiting Aish with my son (then 11 years old) and “bumped” into Reb Meir. My son never forgot that meeting. Now, at age 24, after graduating from Yeshiva University, he is making Aliyah and working in kiruv.

Only Hashem knows the numbers this giant has drawn closer to Torah – directly and in subsequent generations. May Hashem bring a speedy and complete refuah shlaimah to a gadol of our generation.