Heritage House was founded in 1985 by Rabbi Meir Schuster (OBM) to provide warm and comfortable accommodations for Jewish travelers in the heart of the Old City for a nominal fee. Since its inception, over 60 000 guests from across the globe have made Heritage House their home in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Rabbi Matan Weisberg – Executive Director

Raised in South Africa and Israel, Matan is fluent in Hebrew and English. After graduating high school, Matan joined the IDF’s MLRS unit for 3 years. During those years his interest in understanding Judaism was sparked. This lead to many years of serious religious and secular Jewish education. Matan’s passion for enabling young Jews to be exposed to their rich heritage propelled him to undertake continuing Rabbi Meir Schuster’s Heritage House from 2011. If you want to get on his good side, ask him an extremely tough Judaism question which will make him have to think for a couple days.

Chaya Weisberg – Co-Director

Born and raised in the USA, Chaya never ever imagined she’d live in what she then thought was Israel, a young, third world country. But fate proved otherwise. In 2000 on a what was supposed to be 8 week archaeological exploration she fell in love with Israel. Chaya studied Judaism alongside psychology and sociology,  and holds a M.Sc from University of North Texas. After many years of balancing management of the women’s Heritage House (since 2004) along with maintenance of a private practice, she decided to fully dedicate herself to the Heritage House. You can find her having fun in the hostel with the guests, or having fun in the park with the 7 very cute Weisberg children. When you’re a guest, make sure to see the Weisberg twins!