It was the year 2000. I had started out on a Young Judea year course program but knew that I wanted more. My parents didn’t know what to do because they had paid for the year course already and there were no refunds. I felt stuck. That is, until Rabbi Schuster walked into our building one day and began inquiring about each of us. When I realized I had a listening ear, I started to tell him how I so much wanted to learn in a real seminary…. That was all I had to say. Rabbi Schuster worked tirelessly trying to find the best place for me, even taking me out of the Young Judea program before I had found something else and letting me stay in the Heritage House. After I found a school that he approved of, I thanked him and thought that was it. But it wasn’t. He cared too much to end the relationship there.

He would call to check in with me every once in a while and he schepped real nachas. He kept in touch with me until a few years ago and was so happy to hear about my beautiful frum family B”H. I can’t thank Rabbi Schuster enough. He fought against the grain to get me into a good frum atmosphere even though the staff of the program I was on were against it. In the end they also refunded the tuition to my parents. He was really like a father figure to me. He cares so much. Thank you, Rabbi Schuster. I am where I am spiritually because of you!