I was a “non-Jew” looking to find G-d back in 1976. I was hanging with some Jewish friends back then when an opportunity came to go to Israel on an archeological excavation. It was 1977 and my first day in Israel found me at the Wall. And there he was, trying to get me off to yeshiva. Then I dropped the bomb on him –  I, the guy with the beard and yamulka and backpack, wasn’t Jewish… but I told him I wanted to be a Jew someday. He was so kind – he took my name and said if I wanted to spend Shabbos with a family I should call him. The next week I did just that. I said “Hi – its Yonoson calling”. He said sure he remembered me – he would make arrangements for Shabbos. I found myself a few days later in Mattersdorf – at the home of Rabbi Yehuda Samet. There were a lot of twists in the story but today (thanks to Reb Meir and a lot of other kind Jews) I have today 10 beautiful Jewish children and 10 grandchildren – and wonderful friends in Mattersdorf and around the world. Rabbi Schuster and I kept in touch over the years and I just recently learned of his illness. He is to me one of the most awesome, sincere, tzaddikim in the world. I’m heartbroken to hear of his challenge. I can only daven that Hashem bless him and his family – and in his zechus (which no one can imagine the magnitude of) they should find peace. – Yonoson